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Project Manager – Jr. and Sr. level positions – $60-85K plus unlimited bonus upon installation

Posted on: May 17th, 2018 | Engineering, Executive / Management, Manufacturing, Operations | Bakersfield, CA

Project Manager – Job Responsibilities

Receive job assignment.

2.      Kick off meeting with Drafting, Engineering, Sales, Production, Estimating and Installation, Finance Departments.

  • Conducted within 1 week of assignment (2 weeks if you are on the road during that time)
  • Review project file with Sales
  • Review system design and layout with Engineering
  • Review all outside buys with Purchasing.
  • Review steel rolling with Purchasing
  • Review manufacturing schedule with designated plant.
  • Biggest “Walkway” is Solid In House Project Schedule

3.     Review contracts and negotiate changes

  • Scope, Price, Payment terms, Liquidated Damages and Schedule
  • Review FIC Attorney comments and incorporate into contract
  • No raw materials or outside purchases are to be purchased without a signed contract or formal PO from customer. – Added 8/26/13

4.     Create and “In House” project schedule to be distributed to all departments.

  • Distribute schedule to all department and load on PCARD.

5.     Create a customer project schedule with key installation milestones.

  • Distribute schedule to all department and load on PCARD.

6.     Create a Project budget within 2 weeks of receipt of assignment.

  • For Budget formats and procedures, refer to Budget format and procedure document.
  • Budgets done on PCARD

7.     Invoicing & Cash flow

  • PM is responsible to advise Accounting on amounts and timing of invoices after contract review and execution.
  • A detailed invoice and cashflow schedule is to be created at the time of budget creation.
  • The invoicing schedule shall be updated monthly and sent to Accounting for execution.
  • Must then be distributed to Finance and loaded on PCARD

8.     Monitor Engineering drawing progress.

  • Out for Approvals(OFA) and Approvals returned.
  • Expedite open questions from ENGR to Sales and Customer
  • Coordinate ENGR release date with Shop Production scheduled by OP.
  • Review releases for errors
  • Ensure proper part counts match order transmittal and compare to row by row count.
  • Ensure proper paint color
  • Review hardware release
  • Review Outside Purchase release

9.      Review Engineering releases with Fab Shop

  • Create priority for shop fabrication and shipping.

10.  Review all Outside Purchases with purchasing department.

  • Purchasing to source and issues PO’s for all OP items.
  • Must fill out material tracker after kickoff meeting.
  • PM MUST send Purchasing a PO Requisition form listing desired delivery dates for all OP’s as well as confirm pricing and quantity. – Added 8/26/13
  • Confirm all delivery times meet project needs.
  • Ensure pre-fabricated parts are scheduled for delivery to the designated shop in coordination with the shop fabrication schedule.

11.  Update of Schedule & participate in Monday Production Meeting to communicate current status of all projects.

  • Come to meeting prepared to discuss the release dates for your project as well as any updates on the project start dates.

12.  Review and approve fabrication costing for shops.

  • The PM shall review the costing for each part of a given project and compare with the Sales transmittal.
  • Costing is complete in system within 48 hours of the release.

13.  Receive and review new information and additions to project. Quote all changes in a timely fashion.

  • Do a cost breakdown or have the project rebid by Sales
  • Send customer a Change Request
  • Discuss margin amount with Sales if needed.
  • KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER and what margin will pass.
  • Discuss with Director of PM if needed.

14.  Issue customer change order promptly and get them signed prior to any work on said change order.

  • Ensure change order asks for addition funds and TIME if necessary.
  • Install schedule should be adjusted and signed off by customer.
  • Changes should be invoiced upon agreement with Customer.

15.  Visit jobsite prior to erection and communicate erection process with the customer.

  • Review project schedule with customer.
  • All intermediate milestones to be agreed upon prior to start of work.
  • Completion dates agreed upon prior to start of work.
  • All schedule agreements to be done in writing to customer.
  • Investigate laydown area.
  • Confirm working hours and material receiving hours.
  • Confirm use of gas/propane powered lifts.
  • Confirm if trucks can be brought into building or if dock doors must be used.
  • Confirm site preparedness.
  • Clean and swept floor.
  • Entrance for material into the building is available.
  • Lighting supplied by owner.
  • Power supplied by owner.
  • Discuss installation coordination with other trades, etc: Sprinkler, Lighting.

16.  Procure an installer

  • At least (3) contractors shall bid on ANY specific project unless otherwise directed by Director of Project Management and/or Purchasing.
  • Create a bid closing date and send to installer, Director of PM and Purchasing in a Microsoft Calendar meeting date.
  • Ensure RFQ lists bid closing date and time.
  • Purchasing to review bids and provide cost review.
  • Installer capabilities must be considered prior to bid solicitation.
  • Installer must commit to project schedule, milestone dates and completion date prior to bid award.
  • Purchasing, PM and Director of PM will all review bids and select an Installer.
  • Upon award and PO issuance, attach a Scope of Work document defining the following:
  1. Project schedule dates.
  2. Contract value
  3. Important site conditions and requirements, including safety, job site cleanliness and sanitation requirements.
  4. Refer to Scope of Work document for further definition and clarification.
  • After award, Installer to receive at least 3 sets of layouts and 2 sets of fabrication drawings.

17.  Attend Job Meetings as required

  • Travel to be approved by Director of Project Management prior to booking.
  • Trip reports should be submitted to Dir of PM upon request.
  • Dir of PM to be kept apprised of job status throughout the installation process.

18.  Manage installation, shipping through project completion

  • PM is responsible to manage all aspects of the project, from engineering through implementation and punchlist.
  • Ensure all punchlist items are completed and signed off on by the customer prior to release of Installer final payment retainage.
  • Ensure customer supplies a sign off IN WRITING.
  • Post sign off on PCARD.

19.  Project closeout

  • Create Final/Actual approximately 2 month after installation completion (See Budget document for details)
  • Ensure final invoice have been submitted and record final payments.
  • Ensure final project value matches the value Accounting has invoiced, including ALL Salesmen and PM change orders.
  • File all pertinent project information, files and drawings in an accessible location for future reference.
  • Conduct “Project Closeout” meeting with Engineering, Purchasing, Estimating, Sales, Manufacturing etc.
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