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Posted on: October 30th, 2018 | Healthcare | Bakersfield, CA

The Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD) will educate patients in group and individual settings on lifestyle changes to prevent or control their disease process.  This position will promote health education programs and services to the patients and medical staff and provide patient care in a variety of health care settings within their scope of practice. The RD will have a positive, caring, and professional attitude.  The primary responsible of the RD will be patient care in the Health Education  Department. Duties and responsibilities may range from but are not limited to: one-on-one consultations, patient assessments, administering classes.  The RD must have computer knowledge and will act under the supervision of the Director of Health Education.


  1. Know and follow Employee Handbook.
  2. Effective verbal and written communication is essential.
  3. Maintain patient confidentiality.
  4. Use time clock appropriately.
  5. Participate in team meetings.
  6. Follow dress code.
  7. Notify supervisor in writing when requesting paid time off.
  8. Be courteous and helpful.
  9. Be flexible and adaptable.
  10. Promote departmental and organizational goals.
  11. Know and follow applicable safety standards.
  12. Know and follow the Customer Service “We C.A.R.E.” program.
  13. Be cooperative and helpful with co-workers in other departments.
  14. Must be supportive and professional in daily dealings and patient contact.
  15. Must be organized and efficient in the performance of telephone interactions and interpersonal contacts.
  16. Must project a professional and empathetic manner while at the same time being directive if necessary. Patients at times may be adversarial in nature and labile in response; therefore, the RD must possess the ability to diffuse potentially volatile situations without undue disruptions.
  17. Must be competent in computerized documentation and have the ability to document a patient’s information accurately using the electronic medical record (EMR).
  18. Greet patients courteously with eye contact and a smile.
  19. Keep work area clean and organized.


  1. Promote strategic goals and objectives of department.
  2. Promote quality assurance and project studies.
  3. Develop health and wellness curriculum/presentations relating to Health Education Department.
  4. Handle concerns and questions from patients.
  5. Counsel individual patients on appropriate lifestyle changes to prevent and/or control their current health problem.
  6. Obtain and document all patient information as needed.
  7. Maintain patient safety and privacy.
  8. Identify problems, provide solutions, and evaluate results as needed.
  9. Must provide current proof of certifications.
  10. Attend staff meetings and in-service learning events.
  11. Teach Health Education health/wellness classes (Heart Healthy, Diabetes, CHF, Life Balance, Weight Management, Pre-diabetes, Senior Nutrition, and other classes as needed) to patients and worksites, as well as any ongoing education programs, as directed by the Director.
  12. Assist other staff in class set-up, scheduling, and patients;
  13. Promote Health Education classes to the public,  medical care providers, and out-patient population.
  14. Participate in community health fairs and other events, when applicable.
  15. Ensure that all appointments, charting in EM/EHR and appropriate paperwork is completed.
  16. Initiate/participate in Code White, Code Blue, and Code Red situations as they arise within guidelines of scope of practice.
  17. Perform computer duties such as data entry, printing, and database management.
  18. Perform other duties/responsibilities as assigned.

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