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Assistant Purchasing Agent – healthcare

Posted on: January 30th, 2019 | Healthcare | Bakersfield, CA

Under the supervision of the Purchasing Manager, this position will assist with the direction of the overall operations and management of material acquisition and distribution, as well as related work as required.  Also assist with the development, coordination and control of a variety of functions, including the procurement storage and disposition of supplies and equipment, and the securing of services.


  1. Assists in the planning, organizing and directing of the purchasing and materials management program.
  2. Prepares specifications and documents for a variety of products and services.
  3. Assists with the coordination of purchasing and the preparation of bids and requests for proposals.
  4. Assists with the Analysis and evaluation of bids and proposals.
  5. Assists with the preparation of purchase orders, price agreements and contracts for Bakersfield Family Medical Group.
  6. Recommends procurement policies to Administration.
  7. Assists with the supervision of the operation of storage.
  8. Advises user departments on availability of services and supplies, including alternative products, new products, costs and acquisition times.
  9. Promotes standardization of supplies and equipment, labor-saving equipment and other economies.
  10. Keep informed of price trends, availability of products, new products, reliability of providers and the literature in the field.
  11. Assists with the oversight of the initiation, monitoring, renewal and cancellation of equipment service contracts.
  12. Assists in the disposal of surplus, obsolete and unneeded equipment and supplies.
  13. Assumes responsibility for education programs for area and for users regarding materials management, i.e. OSHA requirements.
  14. Assists with the supervision and participates in the coding of invoices.
  15. Participates in Monthly Safety Committee meeting and conducts monthly audits relating to Hazardous Waste Management and safety inspection of medical equipment.
  16. Implement and manage inventory software program.
  17. Work with Clinic Departments to reduce inventories and establish par levels.
  18. Monitor refrigerator and freezer thermometer alarms for all departments via online temperature data loggers.
  19. Be familiar with all processes in the purchasing department:
  20. Process orders for routine medical supplies, forms, office supplies, business cards, etc.
  21. Input order information into MAS90/Sage100 purchase order software.
  22. Enter account code to each supply item that is entered into the MAS90 software.
  23. Audit invoice pricing.
  24. Phone in routine service repair calls for: (copiers, fax machines, air conditioning/heating, pest control, elevator, medical equipment, water coolers, etc. and maintain repair log records).
  25. Issue supplies from warehouse stock that can weigh up to 50 pounds to individual departments (forms, labels, envelopes, coffee supplies, medical supplies, toner supplies, etc.).
  26. Page couriers to pick up records, supplies, mail, etc.
  27. Keep department supply requisitions updated with necessary changes.
  28. Keep pricing comparison spreadsheet updated.
  29. Keep departments supplied with “original” supply order forms.
  30. Filing (PO numeric file, department files, packing slip file, invoice file, credit file, etc.)
  31. Make copies of invoices, packing slips and route originals to Finance.
  32. Answer incoming phone calls.
  33. Assist supervisor with Safety Committee assignments.
  34. Prepare spreadsheets on various assignments as per directed by supervisor.
  35. Prepare written memos and communications as directed by supervisor.
  36. Process orders on the internet utilizing different vendor websites.
  37. Process orders over the phone and fax.
  38. Follow up on department supply backorders as necessary and obtain from alternate vendor if necessary.
  39. Assist supervisor with resolving supply shipment discrepancies along with vendor price discrepancies.
  40. Work with Pharmaceutical waste discard process as per instructed by supervisor.
  41. Help maintain department files and records in an orderly fashion.
  42. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  43. Meet weekly/monthly time deadlines that relate to Purchase Order and Invoice work flow to Finance.

$52,000 – 60,000 non exempt – Monday – Friday 8-5 – direct hire

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